Global Compliances

At IR Exports, we cater to a global market and are astutely aware of the growing demand among international customers for the highest standards of compliance and their insistence on ethically manufactured products.
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The rapid increase in garment export from India has also spurred the emphasis on social compliance. As a leading export house, we believe in total compliances that meet all global and local rules and regulations in the target countries and markets. Committed to providing flawless quality, we take full care that our manufacturing facilities have the proper working environments and meet all the audits and inspections. IR’s manufacturing units are 100 per cent compliant to all local laws pertaining to health, safety and labour regulations. We are also certified with SEDEX and BSCI.

Health, safety and labour regulations


World Enhancement of Social Quality

We take care of our workers and responsively resolve any concerns related to their rights, health, safety or workplace harassment. We conduct regular sessions on various topics like health, safety and human rights organized by TchiboBuyer to understand and eradicate any such issues.


World Enhancement

This workers related committee has been set up to attend to their issues and complaints. Working towards the betterment of our workers, it analyses their issues and provides all possible solutions to redress their complaints.

Global Security Verification (GSV)

At IR Exports, we have adopted Intertek’s cutting-edge Global Security Verification (GSV) program that promotes best practices in the global trade industry. GSV integrates multiple global supply chain security initiatives including Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTAPT), Partners in Protection (PIP) and Authorized Economic Operators (AEO). Our mission is to partner with international suppliers and importers to mitigate risks associated with cross-border transport of goods while expediting their arrival at destination markets.

ICC Committee

Our ICC committee is dedicated to complete and effective prevention of sexual harassment at our workplace. The committee has external representation from an NGO working in the domain of women related issues and has sufficient experience in handling disciplinary action in such cases.

Health & Safety Committee

At IR Exports is committed to workplace safety and the wellbeing of our workforce. Related to the health and safety issues of our workers, this committee deals with all their complaints and gives advice on their common or individual problems.

Grievance Handling Committee

We make sure that no worker should face any problem or unfair treatment from the company. Our Grievance Handling Committee is always there to listen to our workers, handle the related issues and offer them advice.