Creating fashion is as much an art as it is a craft. As a renowned Indian exporter of apparel and accessories, IR Exports is fully equipped to meet every demand of fashion brands across the globe.

Executing complicated designs in both apparel and accessories entails multiple production processes and intensive quality control at every stage. Meeting all the conditions required for optimum output and excellence, our production units are well designed with ample workspace, adequate natural lighting and proper ventilation. Our dedicated and highly trained workforce, all specialists in their fields, achieve perfection in all our products.


IR - Exports

Spread over 150000 Sq. ft. IR Exports’ three Production Facilities deploy best-in-class infrastructure and have a combined capacity to produce 400,000 finished garments and 200,000 fashion accessories every month. Up to date machines and fashion technology in fabric cutting, fusing, sewing, finishing and packing in addition to the latest digital printing know-how and cutting-edge R&D result in world class quality, higher efficiency and productivity.

Fabric Cutting

The garment and accessories making process starts with fabric cutting.

Our fabric cutting section is integrated with the most advanced CAD System that optimizes fabric utilization and minimizes wastage, leading to unequalled quality with accuracy and precision. Using a base pattern, we work with the Accumark marking and grading system to grade patterns and create markers. While our cutting department has all the required latest machines, we are also adept at using hand cutting machines for samples and custom orders.

Sewing & Stitching

Sewing and stitching is the backbone of a well-made, long-lasting garment. Deploying 1050 latest machines from top brands like Juki and Brother, our sewing facility is recognized for its capacity to adapt production techniques and manufacturing processes to product requirements. The array of IR’s sewing machines includes single needle, double needle, overlock, button attached, flatlock, button wrapping and knotting, snap button and several specialty machines. We also acquire any necessary machinery to accommodate new products.


Garment finishing is critical as buyer satisfaction depends on it.

This last but important stage in the readymade garments manufacturing process creates the final look and feel of the merchandise. At IR Exports, the finishing section follows a diligent protocol to ensure fault free products. Our finishing process starts with an initial inspection of every piece we make. Thread trimming, stain removing, any last stage repairing and metal check is done before ironing, folding and tagging of each item.


IR Exports’ well designed washing department adds that extra sheen and perfection to our products.

The garments are charged into washing machines for a few hours where mild detergent and softeners remove dirt and stains acquired during the manufacturing process. They are then hydro extracted to eliminate excess water and dried in tumble dryers to create that quintessential IR finish.


Packing and Shipping

With an expanding global customer base, proper packing and shipping is pivotal in achieving on time delivery of our quality merchandise.

At IR Exports, only approved goods are packed and final checking is equipped with a needle detector machine. We make sure that all packing instructions of the buyer have been followed. As part of our time tested and dependable shipping regimen, all shipping documents are reviewed and verified as per buyer instruction. All cargo is handled by reputable forwarders with constantly updated and accurate information regarding ETD and ETA of vessels.