Sustainability best practices and initiatives are a key aspect of our business model that exemplifies a forward looking, future proof approach towards the manufacturing process.

Following the newest sustainability trends, implementing eco-sensitive principles and adopting green ways of production,

IR Exports is evolving to be a major influence on the industry at a global level. Our efficient and manageable processes and systems comply with stakeholder requirements related to quality, health and safety, environmental management, corporate social responsibility and other areas of sustainable development.

Our commitment to ethical manufacturing and people centric functioning is the bedrock of the long term viability of our company. We have implemented several complex mechanisms for this purpose. These include:

  • Purging the waste existing in the supply chain
  • Adherence to sustainable compliances as per SEDEX, GOTS, OCS, GRS, SVCOC, BCI, ZDHC, Higg, OEKO-TEX, GTW, BEPI and The BHive
  • Using organic natural fibres like cotton, wool and linen and renewable fibres like bamboo
  • Maintaining a balance between demand and supply, thereby minimizing or all together eliminating excess product manufacturing
  • Adopting the process of recycling, reusing and renewing of old fabrics
  • Minimizing energy usage throughout the product life cycle
  • Creating designs and colours keeping in mind the longevity of the fabric
  • Using sustainable chemicals and inks in the Digital Printing Process which means zero discharge of hazardous chemicals

Skill Development & Training

We frequently organize various programs to improve the working style of our employees and reduce their mental stress. These programs not only benefit the employees and enhance their well-being but increase efficiency and productivity at the workplace. We also undertake several skill development training programs and sustainability best practices workshops and initiatives and as part of our CSR activities. Some of our main activities include projects like SWAR, WE, HER and VECTRA.

SWAR Project

IR Exports has wholeheartedly adopted Sustainable Water Resource Management (SWAR). Aimed at the sustainable development of the textile industry, the project has been operating in India since 2013. It works towards reducing water, chemical and energy consumption at both suppliers and sub-suppliers facilities reducing the industry’s negative environmental impacts.

Committed to fostering sustainable production, IR Exports has a Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Certification. Our Supply Chain ensures that the amount of hazardous chemicals discharged is in compliance with the ZDHC program which supports the implementation of best practices to protect the environment.


WE Program

Committed to improving our work environment, business practices and core values, IR Export has taken the initiative to be a part of the WE Program that runs in factories all over the world. The program contributes towards lasting improvement of working conditions in our supply chain.

This dialogue based regimen runs on the key consideration that all parties in a business relationship are of value. In the course of the program, workers and managers come together on a regular basis and are given the opportunity to speak up even on contentious subjects like human rights in the factory.  The aim is to build mutual understanding through open, courageous conversations and co-create solutions for better working conditions.


HER Project

IR Exports is committed to women’s empowerment as a key driver of social uplift and, in turn, better business practices. HER project works for women working in global supply chains via workplace-based interventions on health, financial inclusion and gender equality.

We joined HER Project in 2019 as a collaborative initiative with BSR GROUP and Ascena Brand. Our key focus is to unlock women’s full potential through empowerment initiatives and awareness on financial topics.



VECTRA International, an independent cooperative of experts from over 24 countries, facilitates its partner organizations to strategically drive improvements in management, processes and systems so they can achieve pinnacle performance. Committed to further enabling our human capital, we work with VECTRA to plan and implement effective and efficient transformations at IR Exports which keep us responsibly competitive.

VECTRA’s site support programs and human capital assistance services have truly augmented our strategic planning and crisis management skills. Adding long-term value to our activities, this initiative has enhanced our capabilities to meet all stakeholder expectations.